Monday, February 05, 2007

Quite Obviously Destined For Greatness

Just to let you all in on a little secret. I am quite obviously on a fast track to greatness. World wide fame and fortune if you wil. Scantily clad women up in the pool. To quote the esteemed Sean-Bad, "the whole shebangabang".


I have beaten my mobile phone at poker THREE TIMES IN A ROW!

Evidence that Mensa were wrong to reject me ladies and gentlemen.

To other news and the Victory have made it through the Grand Finale of Australia's second A-League season after an injury time goal by James Robinson. The same James Robinson who only moments before had shanked a horrible pass between TWO (2) Victory players. The same English James Robinson who, only moments before, had us calling for his head. But a goal's a goal, right?! Top game, top night. God bless the Blue and White Brigade for the chants and atmosphere.

Not much else to report. I caught up on some much needed sleep on Saturday. Almost got hit by a car Sunday. Went to the aquarium in Melbourne again as well too. All the usual stuff really...

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