Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Hoorah For Deadly Viruses!

What is the plural of "virus" anwyays. Virussseess? Virusi?

Exciting news in the Goulburn Valley today that some of their cows HAVE ANTHRAX! The best bit about it all - at least, from this jaded journalists viewpoint - is the reactions of the locals. Now, if you mentioned there was an anthrax outbreak in the centre of Mel-burn, there would be chaos. No one would venture outside. The Michael Jackson face-mask would become uber-popular. People would talk in hushed tones about moving to North Korea because it's safer. You know, the usual.

But here in the country? You could have got a more exciting reaction if the AFL decided to play a pre-season game in the town. Almost to a man (and woman) the locals have released a collective "...so? S'not that bad..." reaction to the outbreak. Which just proves that when you haven't seen rain in years, the idea of seeing a potentially fatal disease isn't really a fun substitute. "Can't really water me apple trees with anthrax now can I?"

Cool, previously unknown natural predators, volume 487: Can you tell I've been listening to country radio today? It appears that one of the foxes natural enemies is....the humble alpaca. Yes, those walking fairy-floss lookin balls of fluff are being used as GUARD ANIMALS for goats. And here's me thinking that the horny goats (haha) would gouge your eye out if you even looked at them with a smirk.

Oh, and I changed over to "new" blogger today. Hence the labels. I have NO idea what it all does yet, but the space monkeys in my head assure me I will be so much cooler for making the switch. The same cannot be said for Windows Vista, alas....

And if you are really feeling down, spare a thought for the dude that got KO'd by a wookie this week...

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Quite Obviously Destined For Greatness

Just to let you all in on a little secret. I am quite obviously on a fast track to greatness. World wide fame and fortune if you wil. Scantily clad women up in the pool. To quote the esteemed Sean-Bad, "the whole shebangabang".


I have beaten my mobile phone at poker THREE TIMES IN A ROW!

Evidence that Mensa were wrong to reject me ladies and gentlemen.

To other news and the Victory have made it through the Grand Finale of Australia's second A-League season after an injury time goal by James Robinson. The same James Robinson who only moments before had shanked a horrible pass between TWO (2) Victory players. The same English James Robinson who, only moments before, had us calling for his head. But a goal's a goal, right?! Top game, top night. God bless the Blue and White Brigade for the chants and atmosphere.

Not much else to report. I caught up on some much needed sleep on Saturday. Almost got hit by a car Sunday. Went to the aquarium in Melbourne again as well too. All the usual stuff really...

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