Monday, January 29, 2007

We're Back Again...After Another Break

So I learnt some important things over this past weekend, which I believe can be adequately summed up thus:

- vodka is a lovely, if dangerous party beverage
- lukewarm pieces of pizza are inherently hilarious
- the floor is never too hard to break your fall
- the greater the number of people in a particular room, the less likely you will receive FM radio reception, particularly on a high radio useage day
- martial arts movies are a great way to recover post-drinking...there is always someone worse off and in more pain than you are. Plus, their pain is hilarious.

I have many compromising photos of myself (and others it has to be said) from the weekends Australia Day/Invasion Day celebrations. But they shall remain unpublished...for now...

Because. It. Is. NANNA NAP TIME!

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