Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bogan Man v Emo Boy

Conversation I overheard yesterday afternoon. I'll set the scene. "Bogan Man" is dawdling along on a smallish push bike, grey Bondsy revealing woeful ink art, buzz cut hair reminiscent of Full Metal Jacket, low slung jeans with cotton boxers hanging out, all of 18 years old. "Emo Boy" is standing talking to a third mutual friend/aquaintence, typical horizontal striped tee and tiny jeans.

Bogan Man's comment: "Seriously dude, you have turned into the biggest cocksucker in the last 6 months wearing make up and shit...what is wrong with you?"

L O L !

Now I'm not picking on emos here because that's unfair - I hate all little cutural subgroupings equally, including the ones I get lumped in - but that made my afternoon.

Bogans 1
Emos 0

Speaking of scores...we've made the futsal semi finals. God only knows how. I think we won all of 2 games in the past 2 and a half months, and if we had won last night "apparently" (I'm not convinced) we would have finished second. But we got done 15-3 (one goal to me). Hilarious!

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On Music...

So while my ninja hasn't arrived as yet, it DOES have a name.


That's right. Noel The Ninja. Noel is such a staunch name, people will not mess with him (it?). It is also stealthy, like ninjas - I mean seriously, does anyone expect to see a Ninja Named Noel? Of course not! (Well that, and ninja's hardly walk around with name tags saying 'Hello, My Name Is...'. And it's also a well documented fact that those who have heard the name of a ninja have very rarely lived to tell the tale...) And it gets better - Noel also ties in with Christmas, namely, Noël (that's "NO-L" phonetically), which as Wikipedia says:

is a masculine French given name that means "Christmas

To other news now and I have scored myself yet another totally awesome rejection letter. Go for me. Though as people keep saying, I shouldn't get all emo yet because I still have A J OH B. Still, was a good excuse for retail therapy so I can't really complain can I?!

On music, and on the way home from Bendigo last weekend, I was trying to construct what would be my "Dream Band" (as it stands today, because really, it could change by tomorrow) regardless of genre etc etc. So here it is, going on the bands in my iPod and my current listening habits:

Nick Cave (vocalist 1)
Ella Fitzgerald (vocalist 2)
Freddy Mercury (vocalist 3)
Howlin' Wolf (vocalist 4)
Frank Zappa (guitar 1)
Jimmy Page (guitar 2)
George Harrison (guitar 3 - you can never have too much guitar)
Bootsie Collins (bass 1)
Les Claypool (bass 2 - MORE BASS!)
?uestlove (drums 1)
Lars Ulrich (drums 2)
Dave Brubeck (keys 1)
Sergiy Rachmaninoff (keys 2)
Miles Davis (instrumentals 1)
James Morrison (instrumentals 2)

and if they ever cut an EP...

Rick Rubin (producer 1)
Timbaland (producer 2)

I guess I can envisege them making little mini bands within the one big band and putting out a compilation of their efforts. Maybe Lars will rock out Ella's massive hair? Or Miles makes ?uestlove just go nuts? Potential everywhere....

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Ninja Day

Good news. My ninja, set to be my sidekick/partner in rhyme and crime on my great Canadian adventure, should be in my letterbox this afternoon. According to that fancy fandangled UPS tracking service, I know that my as yet un-named ninja (leave name suggestions below) stealthy left his (its?) Edison, New Jersey (USA) birth place on November 21. It (he?) evaded capture in Newark, New Jersey, before spending the night with some good ol' boys in Louisville, Kentucky. Stinking of liquor, he stagged into a luau in Honolulu, Hawaii on the morning of the 22nd, before spending the weekend in Ascot Vale, Melbourne Victoria. ETA: TODAY!

In other travel related news, I've officially packed. More details on Dave Vs Canada, on which all travel related stuff will now appear. D-day is fast approaching...woo hoo!

Not much else to report. Mowed T's lawns on Saturday but alas, forgot to do her nature strip. Ooops. Mind you, the lawns out the back were like 3 feet tall, and they now look lovely!

Had a BBQ dinner Saturday night with my brother, his wife and two kids plus the parents and T as a delayed birthday celebration. My nephew Aidan is going through a book phase. Does anyone remember 'Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge'? I remember Dad reading it to me. Top book, which brought back lots of memories.

Oh yeah, and we had an election or something on Saturday. Someone known as Bracksy won.

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Office Christmas Parties: To Go Or Not To Go

So I got my invite to the office Christmas party yesterday, all nicely printed up and arranged in Publisher no less. I guess I should be more excited about my first official 'employment christmas party invite', however it doesn't sound like anywhere near as cool as cocktails at masterTwig's end of year do. It DOES have a dress code of 'cocktail' however, with a strict no denim policy. And it comes to 'David and Guest' so it looks like they are trying to limit random people groping each other in the toilets as part of an alcohol induced haze to forget their bad kareoke performances.

So I dont think I will go. That, and it's a day and a bit before LE BIG TRIP.

Speaking of which, I have posted an itenary - such as it is - on my Dave vs Canada travel blog. DAYS until I leave people, just DAYS.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

You Are 23.001 Years Old

Happy Birthday Me!

(And, guess what? I have had waaaayyyy too much freckle again. Erk.)

Yes, it's that time of year again - the blow flys are back, the heat is painful, the shopping malls are full of Christmas decorations and I'm left wondering where my birthday went. Well, it's here. And despite the whole 'Get Up At 6am For Work' thing, I'm having an OK day. And with a home cooked lasagna dish courtesy of the lovely T, things will get better before they get worse!

And just to put everything in perspective, one of Australia's World War One Victoria Crosses goes on sale this time next week. The award given to one Lance Corporal Bernard Sidney Gordon of the 41st Battalion Australian Imperial Forces for his services in France.

"...Gordon was awarded the VC for conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty for his actions on 26-27th August 1918, east of Bray in France. His VC citation tells us that in the midst of fire, he single-handedly attacked an enemy machine-gun, killed the men on the gun and captured the post. In total Gordon's actions saw him capturer two officers, sixty-one ranks and six machine guns.

He was 19.

Had a busy/tiring/happy weekend of pre-Canada catch up with people. Yay for lazy weekend lunches in the Valley. Boo for four hour trips home.

Not much else to report. The trip to Canada sneaks every closer.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Me On Tee Vee!

Melbourne might have the "Race That Stops The Nation", but Bendi-go-go aka Benders has the race that stops the...town/city-thing. So it was today, as crappy weather descended on the place for the first time in months, on the one day thousands want to dress up in their finest and get seen by, well, everyone!

So some horse named Gallic won the race, but the big news was I made the Tee Vee! Yes, yours truly had completed a simple "filler" piece for my television station's afternoon coverage and turns out, they needed to fill space. Terrible! I was seen everywhere from Mallacoota to Albury.

In much more interesting news...it is Fiona's birthday tomorrow. Fiona being my co-worker up here. And to really celebrate, we went halves on...A GIANT FRECKLE!

It was BIG! And now I am 'freckled' out...ergh!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


In case you haven't heard, November has been re-badged MOVEMBER in a bid to raise awareness for men's health, namely prostate cancer and depression. So I am doing my bit, growing hair on my face to make my balls happy.


On the upside, I have found quite the awesome shirt that suits this MOVEMBER challenege to a tee...ha ha.

Ok, so I have been doing a little cleaning up of the blog here. The blog roll is updated, the "Hat List" of my current musical indulgences is refreshed, and I am here waiting for you dial 1900....no! I am, however, more than happy for suggestions on how to improve the layout. What funky things does this blog need to be absolute cutting edge??? Designs? Layouts? Funky widgets?

Speaking of blogs, I have begun detailing my trip to Canada at http://davevscanada.travellerspoint.com, which will also become my main port of call come December when I head there.

Not much else to report. SNAFU.

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