Thursday, July 07, 2005

We Interrupt Our Usual Broadcast...

The London metro system is in chaos after at least 6 explosions ripped through the underground during morning peak hour. Surprisingly, the only figure of casualties stands at 90 injuries and still only a handful of confirmed deaths at this stage.

Tony Blair's first appearance on TV live from the G8 summit in Scotland, confirmed that they believe it is certainly a terrorist attack, and the BBC monitoring service reports that a European website has a statement from a known terrorist (Al-Qaeda) group that they are trying to translate to see whether it is related or not.

Paul Woodrow, Ambulance Incident Officer at Russel Square. (apologies now for the spelling)
I can confirm explosions Kings Cross, Russel Square, Edgeware Road,and Leicester Square Undergound Stations. Also an explosion on a bus in Taberstock Place. We believe we are dealing with a large number of casualties.

A visibly distressed Tony Blair from G8.
It is reasonably clear that there has been a series of terrorist attacks in London. There are obviously casualties, both people who have died and those who are seriously injured...It is my intention to leave the G8 and go down to London and get a face to face report...It is the will of all of the leaders of the G8 however, that the meeting continue...that we continue to disscuss the issues we were going to discuss...each of those countries around the table have had some experience in terrorism...Its particularly barbaric that this has happened on a day when people are meeting to try and help poverty africa, and climate change is also recently clear that it is designed and aimed to conincide with the G8. There will be time to talk later about this. Its important however, that those engaged in terorrism realise that our determiantion to defend our values and way of life, is greater than their determination to cause death and destruction and extremism on the world. Whatver they do, it is our determination that they will never succeed in destroying what we hold dear in this country, and in other civilised nations around the world.

A hopsital near one of the blast sites is apparently dealing with a range of injuries, from loss of limbs, exstensive burns and hearing loss.

Australian relatives who are concerned for family in London should contact the DFAT line on 1300 555 135, but communications is proving a major issue. Landline and mobile networks appear to be done throughout all of the metro region, and the DFAT line is clogged.

And apparently some dude tried to light a fire at the PMs office here in Canberra while armed with a knife. Some people will never learn.

And now to the cricket. Australia 2 for 84. Ponting on 5. Martyn on 10. So the world continues to turn. And if you are watching this live, you will doubt be warmed in your heart and lungs to know that Channel 10 is continuing regular programming. May the rednecks in Big Brother and the latest Law & Order NEVER BE STOPPED!

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