Monday, May 15, 2006

I Keeps It REAL!

For all teh haters out there who think that Snoop has lost his presence/his gangsta image, I have news for you:

...Last month Snoop (34), AKA Calvin Broadus, and five other men were denied entry to a British Airways first-class lounge...

Snoop obviously had a very big choice to make; leave with dignity intact or KEEP IT REAL:

...Snoop Dogg was given a police caution for using "threatening words and behaviour"...

Snoop has been banned from flying British Airways over the fracas.

Snoop's real-o-meter was obviously sky high (har har har)...

Yes, it is a real story. (It goes on to say that a "mini-riot" ensued and seven officers were left with minor injuries and one suffered a fractured hand.) In all honesty, Snoop could kick my ass with a piece of bellybutton lint, but it still makes me smile; you know, the image of a blinged out rapper yelling at Airport Security "I'll be getting into you mini bar, fo' SHIZZLE!"

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