Monday, May 01, 2006

Lurching from topic to topic...

They came, they saw, they lurched.
About 100 undead lurched from the Sydney Town Hall to the Opera House today as part of the city's inaugural Zombie Lurch.

How fantastic. I have not laughed this hard in a while...Finally, a non-for-profit organisation worth giving money too (And no, we're not talking about Christians Against Hip Hop...)

Now onto more serious matters; just how long will it take for a movie version of the Tasmanian mining tragedy to turn up? I mean, it only took the Da Vinci Code a couple of years, and they had to travel the world for all sorts of locations. We only need Tassie for a few weeks! Our current discussions centre on Alf from Neighbours repeating his favoured role of a bar manager, with 'that guy' who plays Kim's husband on Kath and Kim as the beleagured mine manager person thing...Sam Neil will of course get a part, and don't be surprised if the Daddo's turn up. (We - The Hat and I - do pass on our sincere thoughts and wishes to the family of the one deceased miner.)

So much for being the bum end of Australia...mine disasters, football sirens, Port Arthur commemorations...Tassie is where it's at!

I round off today's update with news that will warm the heart of Bjornar and his quest to document significant contributions Norwegians have made to the world. Seems they explore. Many years ago a guy by the name of Thor Heyerdahl tried to prove that crazy South Americans on kon-tiki rafts had floated across the ocean from Peru and colonised remote islands. Well, the family is back! Yes, Thor's grandson - who must be a god (hahaha) - is set to repeat the journey, only this time he has GPS. Though as he said: "We'll still have to wait five days for help if something goes seriously wrong."

Oh, and while you're bored and online, help this guy out.

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