Tuesday, May 16, 2006

It's a bonza idea, maaaattteeee....

Oh this is good. Very very good. Microsoft announced yesterday its Australian subsidiary was putting forward a list of 'Aussie' words and slang to be included in then next edition of Microsoft Office.


While Bradman and Phar Lap made the list, BOONY DIDN'T! I think is a gross miscarriage of justice. Let's start the angry email campaign...now! On the upside, BOGAN could soon make it. As could SHELIA and UTE. But they missed the opportunity to include DRONGO. Somehow, I get this impression that Microsoft HQ are under the belief we are ALL like Steve Irwin, just walkin around town in khakis, yelling at wildlife and getting excited about stuff.

I think I'm ashamed.

You can go and vote for your top 5 words here.

There is an alternative than listening to Aussie-ocker PCs...yes, it is JOINING A TRIBE IN FIJI! For a few hundred dollars, you too can become a certified tribe member with all the pros...you can even apply to be chief.

Some people really do have too much time on their hands...

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