Thursday, July 07, 2005

We Interrupt Our Usual Broadcast (2)...

DFAT Hotline is still clogged here in Australia, and it sounds as if mobile coverage and most landline coverage is down in the London metro area, though emails are getting through apparently so for those looking to make contact, persist with that. Also, most major news sites seem to be clogged as well, so try some creative google searching.

Im going to post some more updates so will give them bold colouring.

ABC Lateline are just leading with a story saying that there are still people trapped in a train at the Kings Cross Station Subway.

Freddie Mercury and Brian May will be so happy. The humble bicycle is proving the best form of transport for anyone in the metro area. Though the police presence is such that to get anywhere you would have to be lucky. Also, most report that the bomb on the double decker bus was actually a tour group, and a recent caller to ABC Radio said that London has the highest population of New Zealanders outside of the country itself. The impact could be far greater than just London.

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