Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Beer as a Social Lubricant

[right]A beer, yesterday.

Its a surprise that it doesn't happen more really. An Australian mother has given birth to her first child in a pub after stopping for a toilet stop with her husband. Maybe we could now have "beer and berthing gardens" to cater for expectant mothers everywhere, while still providing that friendly, outdoor, beer-swiging action that we know and love. I think this sets an unhealthy precident for expectant fathers everywhere, trying to combine post-birthing drinks with the event itself and given the state of bear nuts, I don't know if I want my new born anywhere near the counter thank you very much...Maybe we could have sponsored birthings?!

"This birthing, Made From Beer, brought to you by Carlton Draught. (Its a big kid. Very big kid...)"

"You can get it panting, you can get it pushing...matter of fact I got it now! Victoria Bitter, helping mums across the country!"

It just goes to prove the old adage - you should go before you leave home!

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