Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Idol Banter

In news that will warm the teeny-bopping, Idol-loving, reality tv show-fanatic hearts across Australia, the judges of our "GREATEST" source of contemporary music are AT WAR! The Age online is reporting that:

...new Australian Idol judge Kyle Sandilands has been warned not to upset fellow celebrity panellist Marcia Hines when the third series of the talent search show returns tonight. "Marcia Hines could crack a walnut between her biceps," said co-host James Mathison. "They're huge. They're massive, big strong arms."

But it gets better and infinitely more juicy...

He's already admitted conflict with both Hines and Holden over contestants he has put through at auditions. "Marcia's walked off the set," Sandilands said last month. "Him (Holden) and I have argued and argued and argued until the producers told us to shut up and get the next person to come in."

Hoorah! Finally a reason to watch this show! As if threatening to punch the lights out of Frenzal Rhomb's guitarist Jay Whalley wasn't enough...

NB: The full audio of this hilarious non-punching incident is available at http://www.frenzalrhomb.com.au/ under the downloads section.

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