Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ice Ice Baby!

July is a special time of year. The financial year closes, bring around the much hyped tax returns...and for those of us who are truly loaded (see the sidebar button for more info)we can look forward to the bounty of knowing that we will be able to eat this week. However, July is also winter here in the land known as Oz. And winter, despite being quite moderate for the most part, can lead to snow. And snow = skiing. Skiing = good.

So myself, the Hat and The Dad piled ourselves into the car for some good ol' fashioned fun with some frozen water and a couple of wooden planks strapped to our legs. The results were...conclusive. Despite being snowed in for one of our four days (who would have thought? Snow so bad you COULDNT ski!)and a couple of well lost games of scrabble later, our ski legs began to come back to us after about the 50th run on the easy slope! Some bruising and a few groomed runs even later, and we could almost lay claim to being certified snow bunnies! I did come away with a few noteworthy thoughts.

1)Runs that look easy are more than likely not. That's why there is a colour coded system. Don't trust that nice looking man with the dodgy skis!

2)Don't attempt to emulate snow boarding aerodynamics on skis. Yes they both have edges, but you have to control TWO, indedpendent, un-trustworthy implements who are hell bent on your own destruction. Jumps = bad.

3)There is such a thing as ski lift etiquette. Do not be surprised if some knob jockey takes an aversion to your skis being within a metre of their equipment. It isnt personal, they just havent had their hormone tablets. A simple rendition of the old "Go and get photographed" statement, should be enough to persuade them. Plus, if it comes to fisty-cuffs, I have two words(see:equipment/weapon/implement of doom) for you: ski stocks.

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