Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Evil Empire Strike Again

I've tried to avoid the news, thinking it was a hoax. But alas, after more than one source has mentioned it to me, it looks like it is true. The home of litigation, the good ol US of A, is hearing another round of "us versus them" suits, this time involving Microsoft and Apple over...the humble iPod.

Seems that Microsoft are claiming that they came up with the playlisting and music library construction idea (and associated techonogy) that the iPod utilises first, and that Apple now owe them big bikkies (read: a license fee thatthey reckon is about $20 per pod) for incorporating it into their flagship music player. (At roughly 27 million iPods sold, and with a market share of over 75% in the portable MP3 player market, we are not talking about pocket change.) And they've kind won, with the US Patent and Trademark Office awarding the patent to Microsoft, though it is not so cut and dried: if Apple can prove they came up with the idea first (and were just slow in the paperwork for patenting stakes) then the decision could be overturned.

But seriously, for all those Apple haters out there, is it not a little sad that your evil Microsoft corporation has to burn Steve Jobs and his crew for EVERY original idea they come up with? What are you now, the IT Ideas Police? I bet Sun Microsystems would have a few words to say about that! Like the heckler at the back of the room at your local open mic night, I say: "Get Some New Material!"

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