Friday, May 19, 2006

Fair Effort

Not content with being known for walls, hardcore rock music, Oktoberfest, evil moustaches and weird food, the Germans can add "inventive thieves" to the list.

German police are asking for help in tracking down the thieves who stole an entire roller coaster. The 18-tonne big dipper was stolen from a truck that had stopped at a car park in Bischofsheim (loose German translation "Lost Amusement Rides") on its way to a nearby fair.

The local police chief said:

"...The last thing we want is for amateurs to try putting it together."

I think there should be a Thievery Hall of Fame - kinda like the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, except more creative. Remember the guys who were knicking electric power poles in America? I think they just got beaten.

In other exciting news, the ARIA charts no longer mean sweet F A. [Some would say they didn't mean anything to start with, but I digress...] HMV, Sanity and Virgin music stores have informed our peak industry body that they no longer intend to submit their weekly sales figures, instead doing their own chart. Fantastic. Another chart featuring another lot of washed up Australian Idol failures bought by another lot of pre-teen school girls flushed with cash after doing a weeks worth of washing up. You know what I want? I want the Tooth Fairy/Father Christmas/Easter Bunny to bring each child a copy of The Clash...or Rammestein...or the SEX PISTOLS! Yes, lets bring the antidote to the people...

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