Thursday, July 07, 2005

We Interrupt Our Usual Broadcast (3)...

CNN journalist William Chamberlin is reporting that the death toll is now in the double digits just at Kings Cross, and that the previously mentioned rescue mission for survivors has become recovery for bodies. But there is still no confirmation if any of the dead are Australian.

Australian PM John Howard in a recent ABC interview.
I express my horror and disgust by this cowardly attack...these sorts of attacks will not alter the determination of these countries to do the right thing. And it is important that we stand shoulder to shoulder with our British allies at this time...The information I have is that it is a terrorist attack...Australins will feel very deeply about this as London is still the place they have great affinity with...

But the cricket continues! Australia 5 wickets down for 137. Clarke the last to go for just 2 runs. Martyn still there on 30, and Hussey on 7.

British Home Secretary Charles Clarke on a recent voice grab.
The situation is developing...I can say there have been four explosions. One at Oldgate East. The second on a bus in Woven (?)Place. Third on a tube train between Russel Square and Kings Cross...Of course our first responsibility is to protect and support the public at this time...On transport, the underground is closed, certainly for today, and probably for some time...Airports are operating normally.

And the Melbourne ABC are now reporting that it is a previously unknown group, linked to Al-Qaeda, that has claimed responsibility for the blast.

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