Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Nose

We all do it. There's no escaping it. So think hard now...which body part looker are you? Generally, I'm an eyes kind of guy: there's something about the eyes that do not lie. They convey mystery, truth, energy. It all sounds so cliched but think about that most famous of utterances "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes".

However lately I have found myself infatuated with the nose. First it started with my own. Everything comes into stark contrast when you have a cold; you begin to wonder about the most surreal things and mine just happened to be a runny nose. It sucks, but I moved onto.....CLEOPATRA! Fabled for her pointy nose, this was a point that was only exacerbated by my childhood diet of Asterix comics - sharp to a point. Finally, in our trinity of noses, there is Owen Wilson and dude...does he have - pardon the explicit language here - one fucked up nose. I went and saw him tear it up with Vince Vaughn in The Wedding Crashers and while I laughed at the jokes, wept at the plotline, grimaced at Will Ferell, I had but one overriding concern every time Wilson appeared. "Damn that nose is fucked up." It starts off straight, but like a good F1 race track it has a slight inward curve before taking a massive right hand turn at the tip.

We have the strangest obsessions with our own body parts don't we? Freaks.

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