Monday, March 06, 2006

Go Hard or Go Home

More exciting news on the web than there are people who own bicycles in Southeast Asia. So I thought I would just bring you the top two.

For example, I went to a 21st on the weekend, for a young female friend of mine who does drink a lot. But not THIS much.
got a rush start on celebrating her 21st birthday by walking into a tavern about the stroke of midnight -- then partying her way through two bars and 21 shots, mostly hard liquor, in two hours. Minutes after the last drink, she crashed into a coma, her blood alcohol content of 0.682 was pretty much off the charts, the kind of number reserved for autopsy reports.

I have new found respect for her, yet still disappointed she or her party never got this far. What really gets me is the "journalist" (hahahaha) referring to her night of partying in Pennsylvania as a 'bar tour'. I think the Aussie 'pub crawl' is a much better title...

But nothing compares to a classy wedding at Maccas does it? I could do any number of super size/fries/healthy choice jokes...but looks as though the writer beat me to it. LAME!

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