Thursday, February 23, 2006

Bloody ripper.

Quick poll. Is 'bloody' a so-called member of the Naughty Words Group?

Prime Minister John Howard has praised the new advertising campaign by Tourism Australia, which features a cheeky tag-line. The new advertisements feature ordinary people in some of Australia's most well-known places, offering a unique invitation: "So where the bloody hell are you?"

All this, after our illustrious Prime Minister came out and said that there had been a widespread deterioration in good manners across the country. What the journo reports didn't say was that Mr Howard was also pleased that our tourism industry was putting across a particular image that reinforces stereotypes for overseas visitors. Great. So now they'll ALL think we're bogans who ride kangaroos to work and keep wombats as pets.

In other news, we here at Hat Musing HQ have been counting beans all night and yes, we did pass 1000 visitors. Yay for us. We think you should all bake us cakes and send them to an address upon request. We also accept chocolate and fairy bread.

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