Saturday, March 04, 2006

Graduations, now just a $100!

And what does your $100 odd get you?

- Small, cold and occasionally round 'appetisers' (I use the term losely)
- A Bombay-style market place with photographers, jewelers, engravers, framers, clowns, muppets and CHICKEN WITH TEETH, all trying to sell you something.
- The ability to mingle with fellow graduands and show off how good/high paying/ass licking your new job is. (We don't care, guys, really we don't.)
- Oh, and you get a little bit of paper with your results and your name in embossed type. W000t!

You are NOT, under any circumstances, allowed to through your hat in the air. They frown on that, and our ye olde binishell (one of the last remaining in the world) would probably collapse. Given that the uni administration are ripping another wad of cash kicking and screaming from your wallet, feel free not to smile. Most of the other academics won't be...

Accordingly, this is supposed to be the first day in the rest of my life. Given that this is graduatio number 2, and I am no closer to "the rest of my life", I think I have been sold a dud. This sucks. Can we go watch TV yet?

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