Thursday, March 16, 2006

Yep. Decapitated Koalas are SO Melbourne.

So we had the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne last night. Fairly good performance all round by the organising committee - no giant thongs or Greg Normans a la Sydney, though we did have a boy and his duck, a love story between a moto cross rider and a ballerina.

Then we really got freaked out. Giant Koala Bears, enlisted to rescue said Duck Boy from a makeshift spire representing the Victorian Arts Centre. There was even a dancing koala which had lost its head. Yes that's right, a decapitated koala just bustin' a move for all and sundry to see. Crazy. Is it Melbourne? Maybe more so than John So, but I digress...

Controversy about the non-singing of God Save The Queen though having said that, only the Brits, John Howard and Tony Abbot know the words. And did she sing OUR national anthem? Poor effort, particularly given we trundled out the often hidden second verse ESPECIALLY!

Personally, I am looking forward to seeing how the Commonwealth State of Gurnsey performs at these games. With a name like that, you would have to think they have the best uniforms...

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