Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter: Yours To Own On DVD

Film. Teevee. It's everywhere, and aren't we just rapt about that?!

I am. I've been trying to catch up on my movie watching pre-Le Job and as such, finally caught Batman Begins the other day. It has ninjas, which makes it infinitely cooler than Spiderman-Superman-Fantastic 4 combined. And Batman has always been way cooler than those heroes that wore their underpants on the outside. Is it just me or do the shorts for the new Superman have a kind of biblical touch about them?! Mmmm. White America's love of all things vaguely Catholic and God-like continues. Even though an article in the Easter/Weekend edition of The Age cites stats that say that a large proportion of Christian American's cant recite more than four of the ten commandments.

Talking of commanding white people, spare a thought for my mate Bjornar this Easter weeknd who is participating in the Geelong Shoot Out Film Festival. I've never tried to do a film before, but I've heard from reliable sources that they take longer than a day. Allegedly. Bjornar is attempting what George Lucas could never do - complete a movie that was short, sharp and to the point. (Hey, I'm a Star Wars geek and I reserve the right to critique the overbearing monolith of a golgotha that was the Episodes I-III...)

If The Shoot Out is anything like TropFest, he could be in for a fun, if wet, time. Just went through and watched the 16 TropFest finalists the other day too. Now THAT is filmmaking. Fishy fishy fishy fishy....

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