Monday, April 10, 2006

Something to talk about...

D-day for moving out is now a week. Seven days, nay, less than. So if you have any good ideas - particularly those revolving around food - now is the time to divulge them. Let us all benefit from my misfortune...sorry..."excellent life experience." I am currently trying to school myself up on Mallorcan tumbet. Mmmmm. Baked vegies the Spanish way... (I'll attach the recipe in the comments later)

[Don't get the impression I don't want to leave. On the contrary, my parents are driving me nuts which I am convinced is a state-sponsored plot to turn my bedroom into some sort of new, unique, living area. I am also forseeing the sudden appearance of pink and lilac into 'my room'.]

Obviously, because I have nothing else to do with my time, I have a myspace account. Dave The Hat lives on throughout the internet, striding across coaxial cable like something...that strides...alot...

It's been a time for 'last drinks' these past few nights. The 3825 crew came and chilled for bbq and drinks on Friday night, and there was much rejoycing. Sean-bad came and chilled in at the studio on Sunday night for the last SPIT show for a little while, and there was much rejoycing.

But enough of the self serving diatribe. There is fun to be had! Unless you don't like cookies. At which point it becomes a case of Mrs Marple, in the dining room, with the tim tam. On the upside, it is much cheaper to attempt murder with your favourite choc-chip delight than it is to use a least in England. 85 pounds for a bit of bread and lunchmeat? It's just sad; that people THOUGHT this was a good idea (hey, so did Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act 2); that people are ACTUALLY going to buy this; that there is NO HUMAN WAY that any sandwhich I can conceive of would ever cost 85 quid.

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