Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tings Dat Make You Go "Hmmm"

TV: I watched Scrubs the other night. I like Scrubs; a nice easy show with a few laughs and good characters. Pity it's on at nearly midnight. So an ad break comes on and I'm expecting sexy ladies in bubble baths, a man spruking a giant plastic tank or even a tin shed. But no. In ONE ad break, over FOUR consecutive ads, Scrubs watchers were treated to
a) Alcoholics Anonymous (who's footage hasn't changed from the 1970s sadly...)
b) Narcotics Anonymous (why use footage when you can just use a black screen?!)
c) Salvation Army Gambling Relief Service
d) An anti child molestation/abandonment charity

What the??!! Who at the network suddenly decided that berating us for five minutes about our selfishness or latent desires/pleasures/hobbies/addictions would be a top idea? Have they done market research? Are the people who watch Scrubs more likely to hit the bottle in the break, have a quick toke, gamble away a quiet thousand or so, or even forget where they left the kids??!! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE??!!

JOBS aka WORK: I just got a new job - I start after Easter in the wonderful world of TEEVEE NEWS. But already work scares me. According to American research, we should all do ourselves a favour and slack off. This is on top of an email German Andi sent me about how, if we fake happiness in the workplace, we are starting a long and windy road into depression and thus, a shorter lifespan. Eeeek!

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