Monday, May 29, 2006

How to be a moist towelette...

Step 1: Play a sport. Try and pick one that's rough and quite manly. Like table tennis.

Step 2: Become good at this sport to a point where you are in the national team. Receive fame and fortune.

Step 3: Burst into a tears at a public bar after your team's captain hits you in the head with a lady's hand bag. Oh, and then get thrown out by a lady bouncer.

Classic! So, the founding nomination for the First Annual Hat Musings Moist Towlette Award for most spectacular whinge in public goes to the Kiwi rugby player who can't stand the pain...

In other news, the Danes are dubbing "OUR" Princess Mary the Nordic Imedla Marcos after an audito into royal spending showed Mary and Crown Prince Frederick spent $2,500 a day on clothes, shoes and furniture.

Look why not?! I know I couldn't get by without a couple of grand a day on furniture. Sometimes, when I want hot Egyptian women to feed me peeled grapes, I feel like doing it on a purple couch. Sometimes I want it on a blue couch. So why should I be restricted to just one colour?

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