Wednesday, April 19, 2006


So I'm here in Bendigo and apparently it gets cold at night. Not that I've noticed, though it is freezing during the day. I feel like Mawson every time I finish work, staggering out to the sled (read: silver Camry) and whipping the dogs (read: plugging in the iPod) into action.

I feel a bit like the Streets aka Mike Skinner at the moment too. Le Job: it's the hardest way to make an easy living.

But Le Job is good. The basics I have down, now the fine art of mastering my employment and making myself indispensible. This could take time.

I have also realised something; the brains capacity for so-called 'smart' things (i.e. current affairs and news and general explorations into the space/time continuum) is finite. And it's Rove's fault. I watched Rove for the first time in almost two years last night and giggled myself silly like Pippy Longstocking. And then it hit me...Le Job has SUCKED OUT all the happy little enzymes that make me a superb suburban intellect, so that come home time, I'm happy enough to clutch a novelty pillow and agree with every little fucking thing Oprah has to say.


On the upside, the internet is a happy little refuge. Particularly if you have a red paperclip. I'm thinking I'll do the same thing: I have TWO (2) pens to exchange for something cool. They are fluoro green on the outside, the ink is full and black, they contain ergonomic engineering (i.e. they have a grippy bit) and contain nu-age advertising...that is, writing about an electricals company on the body of the pen. Let's get this bidding war a going!

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