Monday, July 10, 2006

Musings For A Post World Cup Final

So the country of my grandparents birth won the World Cup of "futbol" - as Les Murray would put it - earlier this morning, Melbourne time.

(The grandparents on my mothers side. On my fathers side, they ame from England, and there as no way I was going to support THEM now was there.)

Yet it didn't ring true. For years I've followed Italy in the world game not just because of the cultural link, but also because Australia just wasn't good enough. And then this morning, a morning that made many second generation Italian-Australians go "Hoorah! But that could have been us..."

Of course it WOULDN'T of been. We weren't going to beat Germany (probably) even if we did make it past Ukraine (possibly). Still, it's a teeny, weeny, little bit frustrating. Don't get me wrong, I reverted immediately (almost) to Italy's side after Australia dropped out. But it just wasn't the same.

Australian's are a pretty patriotic bunch. Maybe not as much as the US or Venezuela - both were recently listed as the number one and two "most patriotic" nations in the world - but still, pretty proud of our sun burnt country. Not everyone is though (that is, proud of their country). A group of dedicated young geeks at 'Information Builders' even ranked teams according to how many people didn't sing their national anthem at Germany 2006. At least we finished ahead of the US...

Naturalised Argentine winger Mauro Germain Camoranesi even sparked a minor riot back in Italy when asked why he didn't sing the Italian anthem. "I don't even sing the anthem of my own country" was his reply. Diplomatic.

Talking of singing, the fat lady sings. Finally. Does that mean its all over?

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