Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Darker Side Of Media

Are YOU obsessed with amputation? Then Doctor Phil wants to hear from you! Don't hesitate - share your story today!

Do you or someone you know suffer from a constant desire to have a limb amputated? Have you always dreamed of having your legs, arms, or hands amputated?

Don't think Dr. Phil is discriminating against those wanna-be cripples. There are plenty of topics where you could be suited!

Does Your Husband Want a 1950's Wife?
Are you a Cougar?
Repulsed By Ugly or Fat People?
Show Dr. Phil Your Home Cam Tapes!

Show him your tapes? WHAT THE?!?! Dude! There's porn on the internet everywhere, don't inflict crappy, One Night In Paris-esque footage onto us because there's nothing else to watch on TeeVee. For the love of...

In other news, tell me you if you can read this story without thinking of interesting, sexy-anime related thoughts.

The group of girls from the netball association decided to visit Jade and marvelled at his high self-esteem and morale as Jade laughed and joked with the nine girls who helped him eat and drink

No, didn't think so. Mmmm. Netballers.

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