Friday, June 09, 2006

The Hat's World Cup View: Prelude

Arguably the greatest Central American sportsname ever now has his chance to shine.

First choice Mexico keeper Oswaldo Sanchez is set to go home for at least the first game after his father died of a heart attack. That leaves two back up keepers vying for the fist choice squad, one of them named....JESUS CORONA!

Fantastic! Religion, a national alcochol and football...all rolled into one! Go you good thing go! In other news injury is dominating talk ahead of kick off: Cisse broke his leg (boo hoo France), Ballack will miss Germany's first game, cauliflower-ears Rooney may or may not play in the group stage (depending on who wins the verbal joust - Sven or Sir Fergie), Italy has an injury list as long as Totti's strands of hair, and even Mark Viduka is feeling the pinch.

Oh yes, it's that time of year again.

I actually bought myself the OFFICIAL world cup cereal the other day. I was promised exciting balls of vanilla and wheat, that magically turned into balls with grooves when I added milk. (Also, according to the serving suggestion, I should have been eating it with goal keepers gloves on). What I got were bullets of tasteless paff that left an interesting metallic like residue on the bottom of the bowl. I wonder if that's a bad thing...

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