Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Do Moles Take The Piss?

We have a problem with language. "Shock, horror!" I hear you cry. But I was so moved by a number of recent incidents on commercial Australian television that myself and The Hat felt strong enough to have a rant here.

Case Study One: The use of the word "piss." Now, while watching a promo for the upcoming series of a popular Australian reality music show, one of the judges was moved to tell a particularly bad auditioner that he was "taking the piss" out of him. Now, taking the piss is a very Australian slang term. Indeed, it has rapidly become one of the great Australian terms (along with "Gday!", "Strewth!" and "Whack another shrimp on the barby, mate!") that are in everyday use. Adults use them. Teenagers use them. Even primary school kids use them. So my question is thus: WHY WAS IT BLEEPED OUT? Please don't tell me that 6.15pm on a weeknight is such a family orientated time that our little spawns cannot cope? They hear worse at school! They will watch the unedited version when the show kicks off in a few weeks! Geez, even the Big Brother housemates use more colourful language, yet the money says you won't be stopping them from watching!

Case Study Two: This follows on from number one, not some 15 minutes later. The setting is a popular Australian soap opera involving kids and teenagers at their local schools, and an assorted number of adults as they continue a daily struggle to bring meaningful existence to their lives. Tensions ensue. They always do. And in the heat of the moment, one such young female character was so moved emotionally that she called another female character a "mole". Now, cast aside the usual connotations involving small, furry and blind mammals for a short moment here. The word 'mole' in our localised communities here in this big brown land was, and for the most part still is, considered an extremly derogatory word. Something along the lines of 'wanker', 'dickhead' and 'bloody idiot' though perhaps a little more biting (or less, depending on your view). But THIS WASNT BEEPED OUT. And neither it should be, perhaps. People here worse at school, on the bus or - if you or your parents listen to shock jocks - on the radio on a daily basis.

My point is this: 'piss' is considered bad, yet 'mole' in this context is considered good. Piss, bad. Mole, good.




What the?

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