Sunday, July 10, 2005

Procrastination and Poker: Both Start With P...

...but, alas, both end the same way: in a thoroughly enjoyable usage of time that may or may not be better served elsewhere.

So the boys (henceforth known as Bekky "The Shuffler" McKnuckles and Somo "The Man") and I got together this Saturday night past (along with The T, KT and El Steveos) to ATTEMPT to join the rapidly overflowing bandwagon that is Texas Hold'em Poker. Much like everything else, it looks so easy on TV. (Think cooking shows, but without thousands of dollars. Or even make over shows, without the fresh faced presenters that are battery farm bred out in the Channel 10 House of Wax. But I digress...)

Needless to say that many a paddlepop stick was broken in jest, thrown across the table in disgust or placed up interesting hide-e-holes in the bid for a cheap laugh (which were, due to an overconsumption of sugary beverages, successful). The night can be summed up thus: not alot of winning, though The T took it upon herself to kick my ass (and succeded), KT succeded in folding nearly every good hand she had (which was undoubtedly the fault of the decks we were using...they just wont give us beginners a real break!), I lost all my paddlepop sticks due to my ineptitude in calculating the winning hand required, and The Shuffler, well, shuffled. All in all, we had a ball. Kinda glad it wasn't for cash.

But really, Texas Hold'em was just the warmup for the nights festivities. It was onto the brutal, hardcore, blood sport that is...SPOONS! Yes, it was on for young and old, ladies and gentlemen. I would like to think that the humble spoon was the real winner of the day, but I would be lying. Again it was The T and El Steveos that reigned supreme. But we were not done yet. We moved onto blackjack which got a smile from easy is it to play (and succeed) at this game?!

I think the lasting memory of the night that hung with everyone was "I'm not drunk enough for this game yet...". (Well there was that other one about Billie Piper and her 'hands on' approach, but we won't go there...!) Yes, much like the 21st Centuries other popular vices (namely, watching bogans and rednecks attempt procreation on 24 hour tv stations or, alternately, doing lines of substances off the bodies of hot, young things)poker is a game best served chilled, with maybe a little ice and nay, plenty of fun loving folk.

For those interested in whiling away some fake money and a few hours: but remember: gambling is addictive and could cause you to lose your house, family, friends and hair! (And maybe even your friends hair too) Journalinity takes no responsibility for any of these losses, and on top of that, did not cause El Nino and did not cause the French to lose the 2012 Olympics.

And now, a short word from a person much funnier than I:

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