Monday, July 11, 2005

Ninja Dwarfs!

It had to happen. Im just surprised it took them this long (yes, the arbitary 'them'). A short little bite in the paper yesterday has made it known that the Disney children's classic Snow White is about to be transformed into...A MARTIAL ARTS EPIC WITH SHAOLIN TEMPLE NINJA MONKS REPLACING THE SEVEN DWARFS! Now of course, such a movie would live and die by the title, so they came up with the eerily appropriate "Snow And The Seven". Oooo errrr! I really hope they get Tarantino and Rodriquez to help out. Wouldn't it be cool if Uma Thurman was Snow, the poor girl living in the forest with only her katana for company, occasionally helped out by Harvey Kitel and his gang of ninja-to wielding uber-assassins? Yes, yes it would be very cool. Apparently this kung-fu remake is supposed to appeal to the developing Chinese cinema market...but isnt this just taking stereotypes too far? Maybe. But I guess they had the same thought I did..."Ooooo, ninja dwarfs. Hehehehe." Though it can't be all bad and tacky: they have the genius that is Yuen Woo-ping to do the fight choreography. For those not in the know, he also did the Matrix Trilogy and Kill Bill. And they also have a Pluitzer prize winning author to do the script in Michael Chabon. Oh, please bring this out soon.

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