Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I Feel Like Sinning...

So, Dave let me off the head for a short while to allow my Hatterness Goodness a chance to wax lyrical about the film of the year: Sin City. Sin City is good. Real good. Robert Rodriguez knew how good it was even BEFORE he had made much so, he quit the Directors Guild just so as he could have the original writer and master that is Frank Miller, help him co-direct. The result is worthy of me taking off My Hat to. Shot almost completely in black and white, the effect is a visual feast for the eyes. There is the occasional splash of colour; flashing police lights, pools of blood or the golden hair of a prostitue. The reproduction from the comic is quite faithful, down to the words and the frame by frame unfolding of the action. The story is tight, the action great, the performances stunning. Oh...and it has scantily clad ladies with guns in it. Yes, I thought you'd like that bit.

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