Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Following Through...

Just a quick follow up regarding matters "on gaming". It appears now that Jack Thompson is trying to sue the Penny Aracde guys. God knows why, but in his happy, fantasy land - devoid of computer games, fun and cute fluffy animals I might add - I'm sure it all makes sense. Whatever. Good on Penny Arcade for having the hazelnuts to do make a stand and try to make a difference. So if you get a moment of your time, hit up the PA site (be patient as a million and one people are hammering it at the moment), read the hilarious letter from ol' Jack and give a fellow gamer a pat on the back. Buy one of their shirts or something. They've even released a specail "I Hate Jack Thompson" tee, so now while fighting the forces of darkness and unleashing the fury, you can spread the anger AND look suitably kick ass.

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