Wednesday, October 19, 2005

New Template = Uber Cool

Now I think we ALL know that no amount of window dressing is going to improve what I have to say. Having said that, the lovely Caz of Blogger Templates By Caz has well and truly come to the rescue with something smooth, funky fresh and perhaps most importantly, unique. She's also a fellow Aussie which makes her doubly cool. Take the time to marvel at the guy in the hat and then send lots of feel good emails to Caz. She rocks, really she does. So thank you Caz, for turning a drab blog with ordinary writing into a distinct and creatively designed blog...with ordinary writing. If nothing else you'll note that all those Random Acts of Stuff are now centered, including the very new Hat List.

The THESIS continues apace, people. Chapter two is my job for today and if all goes according to plan, I may have more musings for you tonight.

In the meantime, remember to check out my other procrastination, Haiku d'etat. A haiku is a three line poem of 5-7-5 syllables. Simple and fun.

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