Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Reason Why We Can't Buy Underwear

So there's a reason why we males cannot for the life of us find the right pair of lingerie for our special ladies. It all comes down to numbers, and, more importantly, our interpretations there in. See, when our other half goes into the shop, they see sizes. 12...33...24...CC..A...B... and so on and so forth.

BUT! When we go in, do we see sizes? Ohhhh no. We see degrees of difficulty, THAT'S what we see! You can imagine it now:

So the higher the number, the less likely I am to get this thing off later...riiigght. Shit, that one's a 24! Moving right along...

So ladies, be kind to us men. We try, we really do. It's just that we can't see ourselves as doing the equivalent of an Olympic-diving-double-back-flip-chest-kung-fu-roll just to escape the store alive and with modesty in tact. Our brains just cant do the calculations.

Another unsolved mystery, solved. I can now sleep easy at night.

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