Sunday, October 02, 2005

Class Is About To Begin, Kiddies!

And today's philosophical question for debate:

Would you trust ice cream from a gay guy?!

First things first, the answer is not as dirrrrrty as you would think.

Secondly: I am not homosexual, and I have a number of awesome gay mates. But I was moved to contemplate this question after a a decidedly piss-poor excuse for a Maccas thickshake was delivered into the waiting hands of an expectant drinker on a hot day...

I mean, gay guys have a much greater attention to detail than most of us, right? That's why they always know how to look better, dress smarter, be more polite. It's a knack, a skill and a privilege that takes hours to perfect. We mere mortals cannot hope to reach such a level. But how hard is it to get a quality thickshake around here?!

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