Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Musings of a Wednesday Night

As mentioned, I updated my Hat List (see previous postings), and Igot a few emails regarding the new Roots CDs, and my answer - in no uncertain terms - is thus:

?uestlove is a fucking genius.

For those not in the know, ?uestlove is the enigmatic dummer, producer, funk-a-teer and soul sonic force for the group. The man just oozes talent and ability, is as smooth as your favourite desert and can get your head nodding within seconds. Now I know he is just one of many talented drummers. But I'm not talking about them, I'm talking about ?uestlove. I am now kicking myself I didn't make it to their concert when they were last in Melbourne. Consider this my official apology to the band if they ever read this.

In other exciting news: Harry Potter COULD be the anti-christ. A place called Paw Creek Ministries in Charlotte, USA, is selling an alternative chrissy present than Ms Rowling's latest blockbuster:
"If there is one thing the Harry Potter series has proven to America and the world, it is that superstitions and witchcraft have a much greater power to captivate than computers, Internet filth, and game rooms."

Shit, I don't know about you, but I am much more attached to my free online poker, my downloadable bootlegs and the glow of my old CRT monitor than some limp wristed, pubescent wizard with glasses and a 'meancing' looking twig. Yeah. That's a big call.

Speaking of computer games, Australia continues to persist with this idea that ADULTS CANT MAKE THEIR OWN MIND UP! I of course refer to our continued resistance to having an 'adults only' rating for computer games, making us the only developed nation without one. Guess what: we just banned the 50 Cent game. Probably a good call, more in terms of gameplay than any actual worry it might influence kiddies. Here's another thought to bake your noodle: gamers are more likely to be 'adults' than 'kids'. WOW! Who would have thunk it? Yep...that Bubble Bobble is a real killer on the eyes...and it just wants to make you go blow bubbles and shift furniture into colour co-ordination. Which leads me to chuck in this quote:
"It is ridiculous claiming that video games and internet influence children. For instance, if Pac-man affected kids born in the eighties, we should by now have a bunch of teenagers who run around in darkened rooms and eat pills while listening to monotonous electronic music."

And, I'm out.

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