Thursday, November 24, 2005

Australian TV shakes up for the better...

To quote the lovely Serene: Good Shit Happens.

Plastered all across the Green Guide today is perhaps the best news for my television inept lifestyle. Channel 9 have SOLD the rights to the West Wing to....THE LOVEABLE AUNTY! YES! We can now be guaranteed UNINTERUPTED West Wing coverage. It was about time too; the US are already up to season seven, season six is out here on DVD, and we only just started season five at the start of this year before we were SHAFTED by inept programmers. We're also going to see Futurama in its completeness - episode one through to whatever - after Channel 10 brought the rights. And finally, Creature Comforts is back on, those lovable claymation animals talking about life, love and personal philosophy. Now all we need is Pimp My Ride...

In other exciting news - for those of you keeping track - Australia finished outside the top 10 at the World Cyber Games in Singapore. Yes, the "Gamers Olympics" featured the world's best in Counter Strike, FIFA, Need For Speed, Halo 2, Starcraft (yep, they still play it) and Warhammer 40 000.

More than 55,000 spectators watched during five days of competition in StarCraft, Halo 2, FIFA, and other titles. American players took hold the gold in Counter-strike and Halo 2, and a silver medal in WarCraft III. Korea grabbed gold in StarCraft and Warhammer, while Brazil won Need for Speed.

The total prizepool was worth near half a million dollars. And the Australian team only had 7 members. I am ashamed that this got no press coverage here in Oz. I mean, we are just as obese and game addled as the next country! Sure, we might be the only Western nation without an Adults Only rating for games, but we make up for our lack of social progression with some really neat weather! Me thinks that we could do a lot worse than sponsor kids going to these olympics. Hell, we do it for gymnastics...

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