Friday, November 25, 2005

God Is In The Radio

It's true you know...if this report from the Guerrilla News Network is anything to go by, God IS student radio. Who would have thought: the Big G.O.D broadcasting out of some university coffee shop, all tired from late night study sessions. Obviously, it'd be in Theology. Or maybe not...maybe he's taking languages? Geography? It's like the song by King Missile: Jesus Was Way Cool. I think the G.O.D would be too. He would be quite the interesting individual just to sit back and listen to. Doesn't matter if you don't "believe". Doesn't matter if you don't like religion. The dude would know some interesting things, and I bet he knows how to work an audience...

But why should we stop here? Are we going to see all of our recognised deities taking up valuble underground music airtime for their musings which, I point out, are already documented in best selling books? We could have "The Enlightenment Hour" with Buddah. How chilled out that would be...come to think of it, stressed out students across the world need some good chill times and seeing as none of you (yes YOU! The big collective YOU, along with THEY) want to entertain the thought of legalising the sticky icky, an hour of philosophising deities might just be the tonic (or chronic) that we need.

Speaking of the Good Doctor...we could be getting some more beats soon! Maybe. Possibly. Potentially. Bah, the man's a genius.

But lets get back to community and student radio. Our Public Broadcasting Service here in Australia is a beautiful, splendid thing. This weekend's challenge is to:

A) Find out the name of your closest, local community or public radio station,
B) The name of three of its shows, and
C) Listen to at least 60 minutes of said station.

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