Monday, November 14, 2005

TEH THESIS: MP3s, politics and a man with an iPod

Yes folks, TEH THESIS is almost complete. As I type this I am rewarding my addled brain with a bout of poker online - fake money of course. I'm about to be a two times arts graduate and we're not made of money. Tomorrow is printing. Wednesday is binding. By this time next week, I won't want to read the sucker again. For the sake of new readers I will say that my 20 000 odd thousand words deals with political music, and its ability to function as a kind of reformative social movements. Deep? Nah. Just let me listen to gig loads full of mp3s this past 12 months. *sigh* Good times. Good times.

Is it not strange that during peak times of stress, our brain turns to the most odd things. These last few days I have spent an inconceivable amount of time playing this Yeti Sports game, involving (funnily enough) a Yeti, a piece of 2 by 4, and a penguin. The point is that the penguin jumps from a cliff in front of said yeti, where by said big hairy yeti swings his 2x4 through, thus connecting with the penguin and sending it hurtling into the outfield, baseball style. Obviously, you have to try and get as far as you can, by adjusting the airflow of your penguin midflight. I've reached 880 odd, which I feel, given the relativly low aerodynamics of your average penguin, is quite a feat!

The other game is perhaps a little more well known: Bejeweled. It's Tetris, Jim, but not as we know it. And it's damn addictive.

I have tried to play games with more than 2 levles for entertainment. Alas, my eagerly anticipated foray into the latest of the EA Sports series - NHL 2006 - has failed at the first hurdle. One computer can't seem to get the point that the install goes to 100%, not 48%. The other does not have the requisite video card. If the greater deities of blogging, computers and gamers are reading, please provide spiritual!

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