Sunday, December 04, 2005

Musings of a Sunday Morning

- Johnny The Homicidal Maniac is NOT good bed time reading if you want to just slip easily away into a nice peaceful slumber

- Capital punishment...what is up with that?

- Thrombo Phlebitis is something you don't want. It's actually not something to do with a throbbing flea bite but more of an inflamation of the vein. Not impressed.

- Domino. Something kinda like Traffic. Bit edgy, bit chaotic, bit repetitive (yes, we GET that she's a bounty hunter, move on). But really quite cool when you get down to it. Interesting characters and plot twists as well as some pretty cool editing...and if someone tells you otherwise, tell them to go watch the latest Lindsay Lohan flop as that might be something they can keep up with.

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