Monday, January 23, 2006

Fire Update, Monday Jan 23rd AM

Local ABC is now reporting that some 5000 hectares of the Moondarra State Forrest has been burnt and, still, no houses have been lost. Keep up the good work CFA.

The CFA website is now reporting that some 123 trucks are working on the Moondarra fire. The wind change came last night, pushing it back away from Moe-Tanjil South-Yallourn North-Tyers, but back onto Erica and Rawson. A mate up in Erica said that the fire was getting up to 22km/h at some stages. Quite a few of the pine and eucalyptus plantations have also gone up in big clouds of smoke.

No new photos: too much haze and smoke obscuring the mountain. Will get to the wide angle shots this afternoon and post an update then.

Another point for discussion in the comments section - "Deliberate Fire Starters Deserve The Death Penalty In Bushfire Season. Discuss"

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