Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Roof Is On Fire

I live in the Latrobe Valley, some one and a half hours from Melbourne. It's nice. I like it down here; close to the beach, close to the mountains.

Maybe too close.

Erica, a small township some 15 - 25km from where I live, is on fire, or at the very least, surrounded by it. Badly. So is the Moondarra State Park. Has been since Thursday, when come muppet decided to light a fire on a 30 degree plus day. On my way out of town, I saw five more fire trucks on their way up to the mountain from as far away as the coast near Phillip Island. Today, a further 9 rocked along through the main street on their way up, this contingent from the Dandenong Ranges. By yesterday afternoon, there where some 25-30 trucks up there.

Erica Burns 4 Erica Burns 5

These photos were taken about 3.30pm yesterday afternoon and as yet the fire is yet to be brought under control. The fire has already burnt between 2800 and 3100 hectares (depending on whether you hit up the CFA or DSE) and has crossed over the Moe-Rawson Road.

The red line has to be an approximation, as the fire keeps jumping containment lines, and running along into the valleys. The grey area in the top right is Erica and Rawson. Next stop, Moe! Break out the bbq and lets have a brew.

So in your travels these next few days, think of the firies who are volunteering from across the country to put this bad boy out. Many thought to Andi, kicking it with the Erica CFA up there too. And for God's sake, don't light a naked flame on a hot day...

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