Thursday, December 15, 2005

And you were doing so well Germaine...

You know, I was almost to the point of agreeing with Germaine Greer.

Greer, it seems, is the Guardian Unlimited's expert special reporter on all things Cronulla beach-race riots. And make some good points, did she, about how Australia is no more racist than any other nation while decrying the labels and incorrect stereotypes that the evil evil (right...) Australian media has helped foster. Score 1 for Germaine, particularly versus Alan Jones.

Then, she spouted this rubbish:

...Lebanese Muslim youths, inspired by rap, ablaze with bling, armed to the teeth in their customised cars...

But wait! Australia is a tolerant, multicultural society! We do not revert to unfortunate stereotypes...oh. Right, I forgot. Only if it SERVES OUR INTEREST. Of course, how silly of me. Germaine, pray tell HOW YOU KNOW that Muslim youths in Australia are inspired by rap? How many? Can you list them? It's like saying that every murderer has undoubtedly been influenced by heavy metal because IT IS THE WORK OF SATAN. Riiiiggght. I am sure there is quite a number of them that listen to Vivaldi, Gershwin and even Robbie Williams. God forbid a Robbie inspired "horde" (i.e. more than two people by current reporting standards) descends on our beaches!

Don't even get me started on the 'bling'. Another stereotypical phrase that, increasingly, non African Americans are appropriating as their own. First we take their land, now we take their language...great. So this is evolution.

Grrrrr! Hissss! Apease the baying masses and let slip the dogs of war! We are the puppet people...put it on our TV and it's true...

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