Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Howard Wrestling: Our New National Sport

Lovely header on last night's ABC 7.30 Report: "Howard Wrestles With Nationals". I would personally LOVE to see our Prime Minister literally wrestle a few Nationals. Can't you just picture it now? Lewd yellow and green shorts, long socks up to his knees, crouching low and moving crab like (or Zoidberg like) around the ring before leaping forward like a perverse jack-in-the-box before biting down Tyson-like on the ear of Barnaby Joyce. Hilarious! He does, of course, already have his own moniker or stage name - "The Man Of Steel" - as given to him by Bush (now there's one fire I wouldn't put out). Now all he needs is a signature move. Maybe he could have The Apology, bringing hippies and conservatives alike to their knees in a weeping infused featal position. He could also have The Walk, a powerful stride into the knees of his opponent, whilst babbling on about how he could have played cricket for Australia. Please put your suggestions in the comments section below - lets help this man get a new career!

More reasons to institute the death penalty today than raisins in a muffin; fire fighters from Shepparton who had come down to help fight the Moondarra-Erica fire returned to their motel room in Traralgon to find that thieves had STOLEN their wallets, phones and even their clothes. So now my list of "hate crimes" stands at 3: people who light fires intentionally in bushfire season, people who molest kids and people who steal from emergency relief workers helping at the scene of the crime. Its below looting.

A quick fire update. Today's forty degree temperatures and potential south-westerly wind means that Tyers, Yallourn and Tanjil are back under threat, so fingers crossed all round there. The CFA are reporting that fifty four fire fighters from the NSW Rural Fire Service will join 287 Parks Victoria, DSE and CFA personnel today to replace the tiring crews and assist in preventing spot fires and an expansion of the front. It has burnt over 13 000 hectares of bushland since it started about a week ago. Below I have FINALLY uploaded the widescreen shots, taken last Friday-Saturday.

Erica Fire: Now In Widescreen

Erica Fire: Now In Widescreen 2

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