Monday, February 06, 2006

I went missing, but found myself

So I have been absent. And in Bendigo. Both at the same time. Why Bendigo, I hear the masses bray? Well, I had *another* WORK TRIAL! (aka non-paid labour, aka volunteering for slavery-in-a-suit). This time, I hit the shiny new offices of the Bendigo Advertiser. Got five stories published too, in my two days. To which my sister-in-law remarked "Wow, it looks like a real article."

Well, yes, I should bloody well hope so. It IS a real article. There, look, in news print in one of the states biggest regional dailies. And after three years of a journalism degree, I should really hope it is "real".


So no job offer as yet. I am being told to wait and see, so I'm thinking my chances are still 50/50...obviously I didn't get a job offer then and there. If nothing else, I get my name in "real" print, in a "real" newspaper. It's not all glitz and glamour folks. Take this sample of what I typed while waiting for an interview subject to call back:

I do wish this lady would hurry up and call back, it is driving me nuts waiting, and I dont want to start anything else until it is wrapped up. Crazyness. And I have a blister on my heel which sucks if you dont like blisters. I dont happen to be a huge fan of blisters, but that doesnt mean I hate them. Sure, I wouldnt take one out to tea or home to meet The Mum, but I am not going to condemn them as bi-products of the sulfur pits in Hell. Now, diahorrea on the other hand...

But journalism is a fantastic little gig. You get to surf the net for "stuff" which you then write about...and apparently get paid for! For instance, whilst "researching" and cataloging my moist towlette collection, I found Find-A-Grave! Imagine, millions of cemetery records at your fingertips! Just think of the possibilities! You too can find out the intimate details of the birthing and subsquent death of famous (and infamous) people around the world! Trivial Pursuit will be your poppy field of paradise from now on; quiz nights will see you dominate the Who Am I section.

Or, if you would rather not think about all of that, go to Stare Down Sally. Guess what you have to do? Stare...Sally...Down. Do you have Eyeballs of STEEL?!!!!

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