Friday, January 27, 2006

Another Day, Another Hot Day

Things I have learnt from watching Memoirs of a Geisha:

- It is okay to sleep with as many people as you like, so long as your stated aim is to get closer to the man you love. You now have a legitimate excuse. Feel free and liberated.

- Wooden shoes with heels have no practical purpose at all...but damn girlfriend, will they get you the props you deserve!

- Westerner's have no idea about Eastern culture. Not much has changed.

- As The Beatles song said, "Money can't buy you love." But it can buy you a nice virgin if you desire.

- Be under no illusion that your parents love you. If they need the cash for drugs, they WILL sell you into the rough equivalent of slavery. Remember this in numerous flash backs.

If you leave this blog thinking I didn't like it, you would be wrong. I actually rather enjoyed it. Don't be confusing the messages now.

Quick fire update. All smokey and hazy this morning, like a huge blanket covering the valley. You can just make out the hills. Just. Still expecting temperatures in the mid thirties today, with Erica being the major town under threat. According to the CFA, the front is only 1.8km away from Erica proper, and 1.6km away from the Tyers Junction (which, happily enough in this instance, is no where near Tyers), and it is moving in a South-Easterly direction towards those places. In total, some 14 000 hectares have been burnt since last Thursday. Be sure to check the CFA website for further details, particularly regarding road closures and community meetings. No new photos today - the movie is still up though, and plenty of photos are available through my flickr site.

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