Monday, June 05, 2006

I Usually Don't Discriminate, But... there a group that polarises people as much as emo's? I think not. Hilarious, no?!

In other news, Australia did well to draw with the Orange Men (aka Holland) in a pre-World Cup 'friendly'. From Friday night (Melbourne time), the beautiful game will kick off a month long orgy of colour, style, goals and quality. Expect me not to post too much - I'll be having a serious relationship with my television, doubly so given my Auntie doesn't have a VCR...

BUT! Just one little rant. It's about those overrated Samba kings, Brazil. It would appear Brazil have very little idea about WHO exactly we are. First it was Ronaldo a month or so ago...

"...I don't know anyone who plays for Australia, so they can't be that good"

And then last night, Brazil play New Zealand. Yes, land of snow, sheep and Peter Jackson. A powerhouse in world soccer? Hell no. I mean, they're not even the best team in Oceania now Australia has left - that honour falls to the Solomon Islands. But SOME-FRIGGIN'-HOW, Brazil seem to think we ARE THE SAME TEAM AS THEM!!! First the coach...

"...This team is very similar to Australia, even though they don't have the same quality of players. They mark very hard, so I think it was worth it."

...then the left back...

"...I think it was a good victory. It was a good test. Australia [Brazil's second opponents in Group F] play like this - defensively - and if we keep our concentration we shouldn't have any problems."

Oh ok. I get it. We're similar because WE'RE NEXT TO EACH OTHER GEOGRAPHICALLY! Right. Makes perfect sense from a soccer veiw point don't it?! Brazil are next to French Guinea, so obviously THEY ARE THE SAME TOO! Grrrr!

And to address point number two: that we're defensive. We used to be VERY defensive, and look where that got us - an absolute hammering at the Confederations Cup last year. Since then we've got a new coach (one of the best in the world mind you), new tactics, a re-invigorated playing group...the list goes on. So defensive? Erm, not really. Thanks for playing. And now, a few more things to ponder:

- Adriano scored three goals for the entire SEASON last year in Italy playing for Inter. In form? I think not.
- Ronaldo; on track to win the Whinging Pom/Biggest Set Of Fat Rolls Award?!
- Ronaldinho; tired and lacking in inspiration.
- And they have who on the bench exactly?
- Yes, I believe they will make the final again.

Apologies for the rant. Got pretty worked up about this match report.


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