Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Clobber Young Liberals Day

[language warning alert ahead for those with kiddies who are easily influenced by blogs]

I would like to put forward a motion I affectionately refer to the Malcom Fraser Directive 2006. Namely, any Young Liberal that spurts forth some bit of froth and bubble that could be classified as a) racist, b) sexist or c) homophobic be clobbered with a well placed mit to the jaw or other suitable targeted blow.

Such blows should be dished out on the opening day of the National Union of Students Conference, wherever it is being held.

Not convinced this is an appropriate course of action just on the face of it? Why not sample a bit of last nights Lateline Program.

Click here for the broadband video or here for the dialup version. (Videos are Windows Media).

I pride myself on being a tolerant person. I don't care who has sex with who. I don't think its an issue that there are other cultures accessible for people in Australia. I think everyone is pretty much equal regardless of their race, gender or creed. I think there are plenty of people in this country from non-European backgrounds that have provided more - and will continue to do much much more - for the Australian society than what the bogans in the video will ever do. I say non-European because guess what - all the idiots in that video were as white as a surrender flag. Anyway, it's all arbitary! Why do YOU have the right to judge on people of other cultures. You've never experienced it first hand, so anything you bring up is just redundant and hot air. Yet...for some reason...your bluster angers me.

And for some reason, I find I am not tolerant of Young Liberals, or more specifically, the Right Wing Hacks. I respect they are allowed to have their own views, and can express those more or less the way they seem fit. So allow me to express mine.

Fuck You.

Fuck you for making all young uni students with Anglo Saxon heritage look like a bunch of immature, pig headed, backwards thinking brats.

Fuck you for making student unions look like they are radical players in the modern political scene that are seeking to upset the natural balance in life. (for the record, the union is a SERVICE PROVIDER. Can you tell me what service YOU were providing for the rest of us at the conference? Even your own 'leader' disowned you in his piss weak excuse for a cover up press release...)

Fuck you for making me cringe in my chair.

Fuck you for not thinking before you speak.

Fuck you for not recognising your intolerance is the reason why most people hate you.

Fuck you for thinking this behaviour is what makes good politics.

Please. You quite clearly suck at life. Please go away.

And now for something completely different. A hilarious dick joke (click to enlarge...hahahahaha):
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Sure, that probably wasn't very tolerant of me. But the Young Liberals Made Me Do It. Seriously.

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