Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Not Your Traditional New Orleans Rant

NOTE: I am determined not to make this 'just another New Orleans rant', and if that leaves to hate and spite in the comments section, so be it. But bear with me pause to think first.

There's been a huge outpouring of emotion around the world these last few months. It started with the Asian tsunami, followed into the London bombings and reached another peak at the time Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans coast. All three are tragic events, and I really encourage everyone to take at least one moment of their day to think of the poor souls that have been affected by this.

Having said that, there are interesting things to come to light. No, I'm not talking about Shrub's (thats George BUSH jnr to you unknowing types) inability to say or do anything meaningful. No, I'm not talking about the rise of petrol prices EVEN THOUGH the reserves that were released to cover the fall have twice over covered for any loss in production. No dear reader, I refer you to the humble world of moodography, according to LiveJournal. One of a number of online diary/rantage providers, the 'clincher' that LJ provides to its users is the ability to document what mood they are in at time of writing. The stats that result provide interesting reading for every inner nerd.

Now, Hurricane Katrina hit the shores of New Orleans in the wee hours of Monday morning, August the 29th. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to conclude that people were undoubtedly worried. Moodography bears this out:
Sure, its gone down as the hurricane passed by, but still noticable.

Ditto for pesimistic: seems that not everyone is surprised at Shrub's response, and the political STORM that has surrounded the relief effort:

Notice the 0.3-0.5% jump around Thursday? Yeah. Thought you did.
This is where things get interesting. Who would have thought that people were being TROUBLEMAKERS? YES! Turns out that those hooligans looting buildings...may well be BLOGGERS! HEAVEN FORBID!I refer of course to the "mischevous" amongst us...

And then we get to the just plain sick puppies...those that have watched the whole thing unfold with a stupid grin on their face...NERDS! (Notice the peak when Shrub finally manages a photo op...):

So what have I just proved? Absolutely sweet FA. Apart from the fact that blogging isn't rocket science, and stats still don't give us meaningful answers to life's biggest questions: what is the meaning of life, are we alone in the universe, and are there really underpants gnomes...

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